Among the last words of our Lord on earth, we find the dynamic challenge to disciple all nations and teach them to do the things commanded by Christ.BCBC is dedicated to the process of strengthening individuals spiritually and academically through the teaching of God’s word. The College is committed to serving men and women who are sensitive to the Mandate set forth by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The high quality education program is designed for Christians who wish to enrich themselves, their teaching ministry or supplement their higher education studies.

BCBC courses are built upon and flavored with a strong biblical curriculum. The curriculum is designed to meet those spiritual and academic standards established for post high school course work.

Administrators and faculty are selected according to Christian growth and principles set forth in scripture along with academic preparedness. Every attempt is made to select individuals who have a passion for fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ. In addition, each staff member must adhere to the Doctrinal Statement as set forth by the Bethany Baptist Church of West Los Angeles. Faculty must be dedicated to the task of the church.




Bethany Christian Bible College encourages and expects students to develop a spiritual awareness of ethical and moral issues. Students are expected to live a life that is reflective of a firm commitment to Jesus Christ and the Word of God and be practitioners of Christian standards of behavior. BCBC expects the evidence and manifestation of a mature Christian character in the classroom, the Church, and society. BCBC reserves the right to exclude individuals who fail to adhere to the code of conduct. “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).



Students’ dress at Bethany Christian Bible College should reflect high Christian standards of personal self-image so that each student may share in promoting a positive Christian atmosphere within the College and community. “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).



Registration takes place during the first two weeks of each quarter. Students may pre-register in the Christian Education Office during the designated times on the academic calendar. A registration card must be completed and students must attend the first class session to be officially enrolled. Students who fail to attend the first session of a class may be dropped.



Refer to the quarterly master calendar for deadlines to withdraw. A student must drop a class by submitting a “Change of Program Status” card in triplicate to the Registrar.


During the first five weeks of the quarter, a student may drop a class by filing a “Change of Program Status” card.   No grade is assigned and the enrollment does not appear on the student’s permanent record.


WEEKS 6-10

A grade of “W” may be assigned up to the beginning of   week eleven (11) for students who submit a “Change of Program” Status Card.  Class will appear on students permanent record with a “W.”


WEEKS 9-10

Academic Advisement



Final Examinations—No drops or withdrawals are allowed during this week.



Students are allowed only two (2) absences per class each quarter.